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Episode 13

Published on:

13th Apr, 2020

Episode 12

Published on:

12th Apr, 2020

Episode 11

Published on:

11th Apr, 2020

Episode 10

Published on:

10th Apr, 2020

Episode 9

Published on:

9th Apr, 2020

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About the Podcast

Follow The Sun
Is a story which tells the sequence of the zodiac.
Follow the Sun - the podcast - is unique! A combo of audio book and fun chat....the book is read by author Marion Mente and tells the sequence of the zodiac as a story. The chat with host Pommy Harmar, explores sign energies, planetary aspects and more.

This podcast is pure genius in astrological fun!

Follow The Sun - the book - is not a general Sunsign book. With an unusual approach to this ancient theme, Marion conjures living images of the twelve symbols and their expressions. Rich in imagery this story of adventure fuels your imagination as you journey through the cycle, being entertained as you gain deeper understanding of each sign and of the zodiac's continuity.

Before reading each chapter of her unique and intriguing fiction, Marion talks to Pommy about the characteristics of the signs and their scenarios and afterwards goes into more depth about particular themes, including planets and aspects.

About your hosts

Pommy Harmar

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Pommy is a freelance broadcast journalist, radio and podcast host and producer. She produces Ujima Radio's Monday Rise Up Breakfast show. She has worked as a researcher and before radio, she worked in a women's mental health charity in Bristol UK.

Marion Mente

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Marion is a radio broadcaster, writer, actor and astrologer. She lives in UK.